About the Conference

Media Mutations is a project created and supervised by professor Guglielmo Pescatore with the goal of surveying the field of contemporary media as ecosystems. The research group is composed by faculty members, temporary researchers and PhD students based at the DAR – Department of Arts of the Università di Bologna.

Media Mutations is:

  • An annual international conference;
  • Several one-day conferences with scholars and professionals involved in digital media;
  • An archive of conference videos, books and journals concerning the research fields of our interest.

Scientific Committee:

Giovanni Boccia Artieri (Università di Urbino “Carlo Bo”)
Francesco Casetti (Yale University)
Enrico Menduni (Università di Roma Tre)
Peppino Ortoleva (Università di Torino)
Roberta Pearson (University of Nottingham)
Héctor Perez Lopez (Universitat Politècnica de València)
Guglielmo Pescatore (Università di Bologna)



If you want to recommend a book or a journal, submit a review, or join the MM work group, just get in touch with us at:

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