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Call for papers - Media Mutations 15
The Matter of Intellectual Property: Studying the Economic, Political and Cultural Nodes of the Contemporary Media Industries

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Bologna, Dipartimento delle Arti – DAMSLab, May 23rd-24th, 2024


Organized by Paola Brembilla and Marco Cucco (Università di Bologna), Christopher Meir (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)


Confirmed Keynote Speaker:

Courtney Brannon Donoghue (University of North Texas)

In an age defined by digital transformation and the global circulation of cultural products, intellectual property has assumed a central role in shaping the landscape of media industries.  From film and television to music, literature, and beyond, the management and governance of intellectual property are pivotal to the production, distribution, and reception of creative content.


Intellectual property (as expressed and protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc.) encompasses the intangible assets that form the foundation of creative and cultural expression in the media industries. IPs are the driving force behind the economic vitality of media sectors, influencing revenue streams, market dynamics, and business models. Politically, they are subject to complex legal frameworks, international agreements, and debates about access and regulation, making them a powerful instrument for shaping the global media landscape. Narratively, they are the building blocks of captivating stories, beloved characters, and transformative storytelling experiences. Culturally, they define the identity of societies, influence social norms, and play pivotal roles in fostering dialogue, reflecting diversity, and preserving heritage.


The International Conference Media Mutations 15 – The Matter of Intellectual Property invites scholars, researchers, and practitioners to explore and engage with the multifaceted dimensions of intellectual property and specific intellectual properties in media industries. This conference aims to foster a comprehensive dialogue that analyzes both the economic and legal aspects of the concept but that also delves into the political and cultural dimensions of intellectual property management.


In our pursuit of a deeper understanding of intellectual property management in media industries, we encourage collaboration across diverse academic disciplines. Intellectual property is a multifaceted field, and its management touches upon economics, law, political science, cultural studies, and more. We seek to bring together scholars and researchers from these various disciplines to evaluate how different research methods can be brought together to generate new insights, approaches and collaborations. Through this interdisciplinary exchange, we can address the complex challenges and opportunities that intellectual properties present in media and work collectively toward holistic solutions to the problems found in the media industries.


Acknowledging the global nature of media and cultural exchange, this conference also emphasizes the need to explore intellectual property management practices, policies, and challenges from diverse regions around the world, in order to shed light on the nuances and variations that exist in IP management on a global scale. For instance, we are interested in how global phenomena (such as that of the Korean Wave) exemplify how effective intellectual property management can lead to economic growth, cultural diplomacy, and a global presence for emerging economies. How does the strategic management of IPs contribute to the global recognition and commercial success of these emerging cultural forces?


Media Mutations 15 encourages submissions that use diverse approaches and methodologies, such as:


The Economy of Intellectual Properties:

·   IP management and business models.

·   Monetization strategies, royalties, and revenue distribution.

·   The role of intellectual property in investment and financing.

·   Corporate strategies and ownership.

·   Market trends, consumer behavior, and the economics of content creation.


The Politics of Intellectual Property:

·   Copyright law, trademark, and patent regulation in the media sector.

·   Policy-making, international agreements, and their implications.

·   Intellectual property enforcement.

·   Ethical considerations in IP governance.

·   The politics of open access, open source, and public domain.


The Cultural Aspects of Specific Intellectual Properties:

·  Cultural impact, diversity, and representation in IP management.

·  Opportunities and problems of IPs in preserving and promoting cultural heritage.

·  The relationship between IPs and creative freedom.

·  Fan cultures, remix culture, and participatory media in the digital age.

·  Franchise storytelling and IPs in the convergence era.


The official language of the conference is English. Abstracts (300-500 words for 20-minute talks) should be sent to by March 25th, 2024 (extended deadline). Please attach a short biography (maximum 150 words) and an optional selected bibliography (up to five titles) relevant to the conference theme. The conference will be in person, with no option for remote presentation. Notification of acceptance will be sent by April 5th, 2024. A registration fee will be requested after notification of paper acceptance (€80 for speakers and professional attendants).


This Conference is promoted by the Media Mutations Association and financially supported by DAMSLab, Dipartimento delle Arti, Università di Bologna, the Master in Management del Cinema e dell’Audiovisivo (Università di Bologna), and The Academy of Korean Studies, in collaboration with Centro Dipartimentale La Soffitta.

The Conference is sponsored by the Film Studies Section and the Television Studies Section of ECREA. 

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