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Media Mutations takes place at the DAMSLab.

These buildings are part of the former municipal slaughterhouse, inside the Manifattura delle Arti, located in Piazzetta P.P. Pasolini 5/b. The area, originally designed in 1883 by the architects Priori and Buriani, has been renovated since 1996, with a joint effort by the Municipality and the University of Bologna, under the directions of architect Aldo Rossi. On these premises, delivered in 2003 to the Department of Music and Performing Arts, and now available to the Department of the Arts, numerous spaces (Auditorium, Theater, Spazio Cinema, Seminar Room and Hall) are available to host part of the teaching, research and third mission activities of the Department, including conferences, exhibitions, installations, film screenings, workshops and performances. Since 2018, the space has been renamed DAMSLab.


The Department of the Arts of the University of Bologna is located at Palazzo Marescotti Brazzetti, Via Barberia 4. Designed by Giovanni Beroaldo on the ruins of previous buildings, it was enriched over the centuries by the frescoes of Rolli and Caccioli, and by the grandiose Baroque staircase created by Gian Giacomo Monti. The main floor has frescoes completed by Domenico Maria Canuti with stucco work (1682) by Giovanni Francesco Bezzi; Marcantonio Franceschini and Enrico Haffner (1682); and by the brothers Giovanni and Antonio Rolli (1683) including the grand salon, to which they worked in 1687 but that was completed (1709) by Giuseppe Antonio Caccioli.

In 1947, the palace hosted the headquarters of the Italian Communist Party (PCI) and related institutions, such as the Gramsci Institute and the editorial staff of "L'Unità" in Bologna. In 1997, it was acquired by the Alma Mater Studiorum that completed its restoration in 2007.

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