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Media Mutations International Conferences

Media Mutations 15

The Matter of Intellectual Property: Studying the Economic, Political and Cultural Nodes of the Contemporary Media Industries

Media Mutations 14

Investigating Medical Drama TV series: approaches and perspectives

Media Mutations 13

Audiovisual Data: Data-Driven Perspectives for Media Studies

Media Mutations 12

Broadcasting, Reloaded. Resurgences, Resistances, and Rearrangements of Mainstream Television and Media in the Digital Arena

Media Mutations 11

Media, Diplomacy and Soft Power: Exploring the Relations Between Emerging Markets and Western Countries

Media Mutations 10

The "-tainment" Effect. Cultures and Logics of Entertainment Across Audiovisual and Digital Media

Media Mutations 09

The Format Factor: Television, Brands and Properties in the Global Television Scenatrio

Media Mutations 08

A Cognitive Approach to TV Series

Media Mutations 07

Space Invaders. The Impact of Digital Games in Contemporary Media Ecosystems

Media Mutations 06

Modes of Production and Narrative Forms in Contemporary TV Series

Media Mutations 05

Ephemeral Media. Time, Persistence and Transience in Contemporary Screen Culture

Media Mutations 04

Ecosistemi narrativi: flussi, trasformazioni, usi sociali

Media Mutations 03

Ecosistemi narrativi: spazi, strumenti, modelli

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