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Media Mutations 15

The Matter of Intellectual Property: Studying the Economic, Political and Cultural Nodes of the Contemporary Media Industries

Media Mutations 15

Bologna, Dipartimento delle Arti – Salone Marescotti, May 23th-24th, 2024

Organized by Paola Brembilla and Marco Cucco (Università di Bologna),
Christopher Meir (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

The Conference is promoted by the Media Mutations Association and financially supported by
DAMSLab, Dipartimento delle Arti, Università di Bologna, and the Master in Management del Cinema e
dell’Audiovisivo (Università di Bologna), in collaboration with Centro Dipartimentale La Soffitta.
The Conference is sponsored by the Film Studies Section and the Television Studies Section of ECREA.

The International Conference Media Mutations 15 – The Matter of Intellectual Property explores and engages with the multifaceted dimensions of intellectual properties in media industries, fostering a dialogue that analyzes both the economic and legal aspects of the concept but that also delves into the political and cultural dimensions of intellectual property management.
In an age defined by digital transformation and the global circulation of cultural products, intellectual property has assumed a central role in shaping the landscape of media industries. IPs are the driving force behind the economic vitality of media sectors, influencing revenue streams, market dynamics, and business models. Politically, they are subject to complex legal frameworks, international agreements, and debates about access and regulation, making them a powerful instrument for shaping the global media landscape. Narratively, they are the building blocks of captivating stories, beloved characters, and transformative storytelling experiences. Culturally, they define the identity of societies, influence social norms, and play pivotal roles in fostering dialogue, reflecting diversity, and preserving heritage.


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